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Gloria J. Burgess, PhD, founder and Managing Consultant of Jazz, Inc., is an innovative program developer, consultant, performance coach, educator, and speaker. As a program developer, Gloria and her colleagues at Jazz design comprehensive, customized on-site education and training programs for leadership, management, and cross-cultural (diversity) development. Jazz has designed customized programs for many clients, including The Boeing Company, Adobe Systems, Bastyr University, The Casey Family Program, The Urban Health Initiative, the University of Washington, and Valley Medical Center.

Gloria and her colleagues also consult with organizations, groups, and individuals to help them master the art of leadership and teamwork, change, creative problem solving, cross-cultural competence (diversity), and learning about learning*. For clients who prefer a personal touch, Gloria works one-on-one with executives and other leaders to fine tune their skills and performance.

For those who are familiar with Gloria's work, you know that she enjoys creating unique learning experiences to meet specific needs. Gloria collaborates with Dr. Jonathan Doner, Aikido Master, to help seasoned and emerging leaders polish their leadership skills through the expressive form and discipline of martial arts. Gloria has also collaborated with Peter Block**, author and organizational consultant, to create a context for deepening learning about building community through engagement.

As an educator, Gloria was formerly on the faculty at the University of Washington, Bastyr University's Leadership Institute (LIOS), and Leadership Tomorrow where she teaches leadership, team process, cross-cultural communication, and organizational change. At LIOS, Gloria is Lead Faculty for their Corporate Program in Leadership in Organizations.

A dynamic presenter, Gloria speaks widely on leadership, creativity, and change. She is masterful in presenting interactive, inspirational keynotes and workshops for adult and younger audiences.Prior to founding Jazz, Gloria worked for 20 years as a senior manager, internal consultant, and program development specialist in corporate and educational settings. Gloria held key positions with Xerox, Citicorp, Honeywell, Adobe Systems, Security Pacific Corporation, and the Universities of Washington, Michigan, and Southern California.

Gloria's background and life is rich in different experiences and interests — all of which she brings to her work.

Jazz, Inc. provides pro bono services for selected clients. Twenty percent of our chargeable time is dedicated to clients in need.

For more information about how Jazz can help you with program development or provide consulting, coaching, or educational products and services, please e-mail info@jazz-inc.com or call us at: 206.954.0732.*

Gloria is an expert on learning about learning and applying creativity in organizations. One of the resources she draws on is The Learner WithinTM. If you'd like more information about this product, let us know.

**Peter Block is an international consultant, speaker, and author of Stewardship and Flawless Consulting.

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